Resources: Frank Emi

Resources: Frank Emi

If you want to learn more about Frank Emi and the history of Japanese Internment during WWII, either to deepen your discussion with your child[ren] or just to learn more, check out these resources we’ve compiled:

Our article, meant to aid in discussing Japanese Internment with your child:

More information about Frank Emi and his story:

Background: America’s relationship with its citizens of Asian decent:

History of the 442nd Infantry Regiment, a unit of mainly Japanese American soldiers who fought for the US in the European theater:

There’s a beautiful quote in that long documentary by Daniel Inouye, who fought for the 442nd and won the Medal of Honor, about protestors like Frank Emi:

“Some looked upon them as cowards. They’re not cowards; it took a lot of strength, and a lot of courage to do what they did.  To go through a prison sentence, that’s not easy. Physical courage is easy, its moral and spiritual courage that’s difficult. We did what we thought was right with courage, they did what they thought was right with courage. And that’s the American way.”

Daniel Inouye

A timeline of the Japanese internment:

This PBS site also has a lot of other links and resources.

Photos of the camps and the process of people being forced into them; sometimes the visual helps to understand the reality of what happened.

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